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Markdown Editor

Markdown Editor lets you create and edit Markdown notes using React and Next.js for seamless server-side rendering and routing. The Chakra UI library provides a sleek and intuitive user interface.

Our app offers a customizable and user-friendly note-taking experience with a toggleable light and dark theme. Enjoy practical features like local storage, copy markdown button, and human-readable note creation dates.


Markdown Editor's custom Chakra UI theme offers a visually appealing and modern interface, with a sidebar displaying a list of notes and an editor and preview section for note-taking. The app uses the browser's localStorage API to store notes, enabling users to access their notes even when offline.


  • Sidebar with a list of notes
  • Editor and preview sections for note-taking
  • Custom Chakra UI theme with light and dark mode
  • LocalStorage API for storing notes
  • Ability to create and delete notes
  • Markdown formatting in the editor section
  • Copy markdown button
  • User action messages
  • Tooltip with delay on title and copy markdown button
  • Human-readable note creation dates